MACH AUTO CENTER UAE Nationwide Car Services

MACH AUTO CENTER UAE Nationwide Car Services

Mach Auto Center Services

Bodyshop works

Repairing body caused by accidents. Repairs minor damages Removing car dents. Repairing and replacing the front bumper

Car upholstery

Car upholstery. Car seat fabric and leather full car interior rebuilding and customisation including car seat covers.


Inspecting the car battery. Reprogramming it, repairing and preventing the battery from oxidation to maintain its performance

Washing & Disinfecting

External washing with tire wash. Full interior washing and sterilisation the car. Engine washing with special materials, Headlight cleaning and polishing.

Gear box (transmission)

Transmission / gearbox diagnosis and inspection Transmission repair and assemble it. refill transmission oil.

Full Diagnosis

Vehicle engine diagnostics. Gearbox diagnostics. Vehicle suspension diagnostics. Emission level check.

Electrical system

Diagnosing all vehicle control circuits; Sound equipment, amplifiers, maintenance and exchange of dashboard buttons, power and movement of windows

Brake system

Replacement of all brake parts including brake pads. Change and refill brake fluid. Check brake callipers.

Air Condition (AC)

Air condition performance check. AC installation. Compressor inspection and make replacement. AC accessories repair


Changing oils and fluids needed for the engine, transmission, double and differential. As well as, everything related to the brake and hydraulic circuit.


Car engine diagnostics. Replacing the damaged parts in the engine, and professionally assembling it. Scanning the ECU engine

Suspension System

Shock absorber repair and replacement. Suspension alignment and replacement. Wheel and strut tracking. Sports system suspension